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James Reed | TMNT / The Warriors Crossover
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TMNT / The Warriors Crossover

This personal project came about after a visit to my local barbers Keep The Faith Social Club, Cardiff where the receptionist Chris struck up a conversation having noticed that I was wearing a Brotherhood Clothing T-shirt inspired by the cult movie ‘The Warriors’ that I had designed. Chris mentioned he would love to see a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles / The Warriors crossover comic. This instantly sparked my interest as I was a fan of both franchises and sight them as influences growing up. Especially the original TMNT comics which were considerably darker and more violent than the children’s cartoon many people know and love. [/vc_column_text]

As it turns out, Chris was a writer, therefore not an artist, so straight away I asked if he’d mind if I used the idea to create some concept work. Chris’ idea mainly focused on Raphael initially as his red bandana matched ‘The Warriors’ gang colours. Having discussed some finer details with Chris I went away and started drawing up some ideas.

So here’s my first finished character concepts of Raphael as a member of ‘The Warriors’. I was originally going to go with something far more exaggerated and stylised but as the concept sketches developed it was clear there needed to be a way of making the Turtles more human-like to help ground them in The Warriors’ ‘universe’.  I also wanted the finished concept to have more of an adult comic book aesthetic, however I avoided things getting bloody. One; because it that would mean a total overdose of reds and two; these guys are badass’ so I wouldn’t want the character looking like they couldn’t handle themselves, right? I think it turned out really well especially being the first bit of character work I have done for a while. I added a few subtle textures on the finished piece to give certain features more depth.

Having shown the work to Chris it has also helped to expand on the idea and we have started to concept other characters. This has thrown up some interesting questions regarding how to take this project forward. I’m thinking perhaps a poster design incorporating all the different character crossovers we have come up with. Anyhow, I have been continuing to develop ideas amongst other things so I will be coming back to this project soon.

Watch this space. Thanks for reading.

Turtle Warrior


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