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James Reed | The Eagle Smokehouse
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The Eagle Smokehouse

Having recently completed the restaurant icons project I wanted to continue on the restaurant theme to develop an idea I had during the concept stage of the previous project.[/vc_column_text]

One early idea during the brainstorming stage for the burger bar was to design an illstrative mural featuring an american eagle. The idea was canned fairly early on as it didn’t fit with the look the restaurant was going for. However I liked the idea so much I decided put it on to the ‘to do’ pile to develop it further at a later date as a personal project for a ficticous smokehouse and craft brewery. I decided on the name ‘The Eagle’ just to keep it simple.

Using reference material from old school tattoo designs I drew up a rough sketch and then produced the finished design using adobe illustrator. There were some last minute changes made to the claw holding the burger which you will notice now I’ve pointed it out. Not something I like to get intot he habit of. In future I will spend more time refining the sketch prior to starting the finished piece to reduce changes later on in the project. It’s all in the preparation after all.

Eagle Sketch

I used gradients to colour the artwork which helped to give a nice blend of colours similar to that of actual tattoo colouring. For the finishing touches I brought the design into photoshop to add the textured background.

After being away travelling and life’s habit of taking over of late this was the first detailed, full colour illustration I have done in a while. It was the perfect project to dust off the cobwebs. I think the finish piece turned out even better than expected, it’s just a shame it won’t be gracing a wall anytime soon. I’ve already had a few enquiries asking where this new smokehouse is much to people’s disappointment when they find out it isn’t a real establishment. At least it shows the artwork would do it’s job to drum up business if it was a real commission. I know from personal experience working on these kinds of projects tends to make me hungry.

Thanks for reading.

Eagle Preview

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