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James Reed | Simpsons Stickers
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Simpsons Stickers

A good friend of mine, tattooist Harry Hunter from Keep The Faith – Social Club, Cardiff recently approached me to collaborate on a sticker design for an upcoming tattoo convention in July.[/vc_column_text]

Now I’m not going to lie, I’m rather jealous of this awesome Simpsons inspired dye cut sticker design and kinda wish I had thought it up myself so I was more than happy to take some credit for converting and colouring in preparation for printing. The design was converted in adobe illustrator using Harry’s original pen and ink flash designs which you can see in the gallery. Colours were matched using a coloured pencil version also drawn by Harry. Although it may look like a straight forward conversion there was a lot of work to fix lines and text to smooth once converted in adobe illustrator. I also had to separate shapes and colour which is the easier side of the work but still takes time. I guess the really skill is making it look effortless right? I’m really pleased with how the design came out and I know Harry was very pleased with the outcome also.

As you can see the finished stickers look great and will be accompanying Harry at the Southampton convention in July where he will be Tattooing and these stickers will also be available. You can see more of Harry’s awesome work via his instagram account @harryhunter95

Thank you! Come Again!

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