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James Reed | Restaurant Icons
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Restaurant Icons

3 LogosEarly last year I pitched a set of three murals designs for a new restaurant refurbishment. The brief wasn’t particularly easy as the restaurant had a broad target audience and demographic. The restaurant was, by day, a local establishment catering to the older demographic for lunches and afternoon tea. The owners were looking to expand the business and open in the evenings as a modern burger bar to bring in the younger, more hip demographic.[/vc_column_text]

With all this in mind I was approached by the owners by recommendation from my mural work at the Full Moon bar, Cardiff. The owner wanted a mural that illustrated the businesses core values ‘Local’, Fresh’ and ‘Seasonal’. The mural would appeal to it’s daily diners and attract the new younger custom to come and frequent their burger bar in the evenings. Not a tall order then? Thankfully I knew exactly what would work and appeal to the target audience so I pitched three individual designs rather than one large mural that would be printed as vinyls and applied to three walls that are instantly in view when you enter the restaurant. Each design would be able to stand alone to illustrate each core value and it’s message / relevance to the business and also working as a set of designs working together in unison. To appease the different demographics I chose to go with a vintage style with British agricultural icons to give the finished designs a traditional yet contemporary look. It’s a style I’ve always been fond of so when the opportunity to work in this style came up I was very excited.

Unfortunately the restaurant decided not to use the finished designs in the end. It was a shame but I enjoyed working on the project and as I had done the majority of concept work I decided to see the project through to the end. If anything it’s a good example of how these kinds of designs can enhance the aesthetic of a business through use of branding icons.

To further illustrate the use of the finshed designs I used these mock up resources to demonstrate how each design would look branded into wood. This was one of the ideas for the refurbishment and the designs could be branded on to crates places around the restaurant for decoration.

Again it was a shame that the project didn’t manage to grace any walls but it was a fun project non the less. Hazard of the business I guess. Thankfully all was not lost and I at least gained in experience. Thanks for reading.

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