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James Reed | Process JR
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As a solo operation I work closely with clients to fulfill their needs, which can range from doing a design refresh to creating a brand from scratch. On this page I run through the different stages of how I develop my work both for myself and clients.


Research and Concept Designs

When starting any new project for myself or a client I like to start simply with some paper and pens to brainstorm and draw up ideas. I also spend time researching and gathering reference material to aid the concept process. For a client brief I tend to draw up at least three rough sketches which are then presented for consideration. The client can then choose an idea they wish to develop further. These sketches are usually very rough and help communicate basic ideas and layout for the proposed artwork. I then submit these ideas and wait for feedback ready to proceed to the next stage of the design process.

Refining Ideas

Once the client is happy and has chosen a rough design to develop I will take the initial concept sketch and refine the details. As the initial concepts are simple rough sketches I will need to produce a detailed drawing to give a clear vision of the proposed finished design. Any amendments or additions suggested by the client can also be made at this stage. Other finer details such colour palettes and fonts, if required, will also be decided. Preparation is key here at this important stage of the design process. The refined detailed drawing will communicate clearly to the client exactly how the design will look once finished.  

Finished Design Process

The final stage of the design process is to use the refined detailed drawing as a template and guide to create the proposed design in it’s final finished format. To achieve this I can use a number of different processes ranging from digital design to original hand drawn / painted artwork. It really depends on the commission. Typically the finished artwork is created digitally using Adobe Photoshop and/or Illustrator to produce the finished design. If working with print I will use a layout program such as InDesign so the finished files are prepped and ready for the printers. It is vital at this stage to stick to the design set out in your final detailed drawing. All decisions about the design should have been decided in the concept and preparation stages of the project. As it can be most time consuming part of the project you don’t want to be wasting time and money making last minute decisions that should have been decided early on. This can be detrimental to your work and time as well as the client, after all they are paying for your time.

Final Approval

Once the final design is complete, I will submit to the client for final approval. Occasionally, depending on the project, I may consult with printers to make sure the artwork is printed and produced as required.  In this final step of the process I like to make sure the work is being handled properly and produced to the highest possible standard both for myself and the client. Poor printing can really let a good project down in the final stages and lay waste to all the hard work myself and the client has put in. I hope you have found this information useful. Not one project is ever the same so this guide is purely here to give yourself and potential clients an insight into how I go about creating my work. With most client projects an initial meeting or email conversation will take place first to discuss the client brief and for terms of work. Terms and conditions are included in all invoices and also available on request. If you are interested in hiring me for a project or wish to get a quote get in touch via my contact page.