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James Reed | Poster Redesigns
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Poster Redesigns

I recently went through my portfolio of design work dating back to some of my first print and design projects. Some of my earliest commissions were gig posters for a variety of punk and hardcore shows in the south wales area. Having played in bands within the Cardiff scene for many years it brought back many fond memories. I was fortunate enough to do quite a few posters for bands I was a fan of or knew personally. This was a real driving force when designing the posters especially when it combined two of my biggest passions; art and music.[/vc_column_text]

I was massively influenced by low brow artists like Coop and Frank Kozik who’s work used comic book outlines and bright colours. Looking at the old designs I could also see I knew what I wanted to achieve but didn’t quite have the skills with photoshop and illustrator to fully achieve it.  It was an exciting time for me experimenting with new ideas and programs. I have recently been enjoying a similar experience as I’ve been pushing myself to learn new processes as well as going back to basics. My work has come along way since then and know having an improved skills I set myself the task of reworking the posters to give them a new updated look.

I didn’t want to change the look of these pieces too drastically so the layout of each poster has, pretty much, stayed the same. Now….. I’d love to show you these original posters however I think they are probably best left unseen for now. It’s kind of like watching a favourite cartoon from your childhood, they never look as good when you see them years later. Transformers was a good example of this for me. In my head; flawless animation and great story. In reality; cheap, recycled animation and dreadful plots. So it’s best the old posters stay in my archive, after all some of these designs are knocking on 10 years old now.

With the ‘Some Girls’ Poster I updated the fonts and cleaned up the perspective of the sign. The soldier in the ‘Strike Anywhere’ poster has been redrawn and the ‘November Coming Fire’ poster has had some more subtle changes like the wallpaper behind the frame and subtle texture overlays.

It was great fun going back to these posters and giving them the treatment they needed. It’s been a while since I’ve done any poster work as the opportunity to do such projects doesn’t come up that often. Having said that my next project is a one off poster print so looks like doing these pieces has created some opportunities. It’s going to be a good one too, something a little different and more challenging for me.

Thanks for reading.


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