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James Reed | JR Caricature
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JR Caricature

So for this project I set myself a bit of a challenge. Taking a look through my portfolio I realised I didn’t have many diverse examples of what I can do with line work so as an experiment I decided to design a caricature of myself exploring alternative line work to deliver a softer friendly character style.[/vc_column_text]

I already had a sketch that I had drawn up a while ago however I had a beard at the time so I needed to make some quick adjustments in photoshop to the sketch before any digital work could commence. As you can see it’s very different to the finished version you see below (As you can see my adjustments were pretty crude in photoshop.

Me sketches

During the sketching process I decided to also add some accessories which included my glasses and hat allowing for interchangeable styles. There were also some changes made to the ears at last minute due to them looking too large once rendered in Illustrator.

I think the finished caricature turned out really well and feedback has been positive about the likeness of the caricature which is always a concern when doing something so personal. It was also refreshing to go back to a more comic style of character that takes me back to my days as a character animator. I’m going to be exploring more of this style soon so you may see more work like this in future.

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